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After a good first conference, a VC or investor wants to confirm the information inside your pitch deck and look in more körnig details on the provider, business model, grip, and financials. To make the almost all of this option, consider putting together an investor data room using a solution just like CapLinked. This will help to you set up all the relevant information in a secure virtual environment with defined design templates that match your needs. It will also make that easier with respect to potential buyers to review your documents.

The most important items to include would be the following:

Shareholders will be attracted to seeing every one of the historical and projection info you have with your business. They will also want to examine your financial model (including cheaper cash flow analysis) and your team. Finally, they may want to see all your IP documentation which include patent filings, trademarks, and also other legal paperwork that you may have.

A well-curated investor data room includes your latest pitch deck, which should be focused on fit the investor you happen to be speaking with. In addition , it’s wise practice to have a section specialized in legal files, customer and supplier contracts, intellectual premises information, researching the market, and fiscal performance. A few founders also go as far as to create numerous investor info rooms to get various stages. This isn’t a steadfast rule, but it can be a helpful method to decrease chaffing and ensure that details is shared only with those who need it.

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